December, 2011

Benefits of Website Management


You may be asking yourself if you need website management and what are its benefits.  Even those who have very simple websites come to realize the power of having website management within telephone, email, or personal reach.


Have you ever done research on a particular company, product or service?  Of course you have, and you most likely even (with or without noticing) dismissed a company solely on its unprofessional or hard to navigate website.  In the web world we term that as a websites bounce rate and the higher the percentage the worse off you will be.


If the end user cannot find their answer within the first minute (often less) of browsing, their innate reaction is to leave, return to their search results and find a place that can put the information they seek in front of them in a proper and efficient way that is easy to understand.  If you have customers who are ready to buy such as those who need immediate assistance for a cracked window or other pressing issue you better believe this is imperative to your success as a whole.


Website management helps you accomplish all of these aspects but its possibilities go much further than meets the eye.  Website management allows you to quickly update employee rosters, employee emails, remedy technical issues, add a page or pages, announce specials, run campaigns, list new products, change pricing, announce acquisitions, update a blog, and so much more!


You probably have an understanding by now how web site management can be a fundamental tool to have behind your website and company.  Let your website do some of the grunt work for you by generating leads, sales and new customers that you may have been missing out on.  When your website crashes or needs updating, don’t be left in the dark!

Why Outsource Website Management?


If you’ve had a website in the past then you can probably relate to the following scenario.  You just paid for a fresh website to be built and it has all the latest bells and whistles.  Customers are interacting and you are probably generating additional leads and revenue streams in the process.


What happens next is where website management comes into play. Managing a website in-house can be costly, tedious and if you’re a small business; time consuming.  Soon you become too overwhelmed with other aspects of a fully functioning company and your attention slowly slips away from your online image.  In a constantly changing sector, your website becomes outdated, frequented less and less until it’s virtually obsolete with employees listed who may no longer even work under your company.


The worst thing that can happen is a potential client or customer dismissing your professionalism, customer service or getting a poor impression of your business because of your outdated and poorly managed website.  By outsourcing website management you have the ability to focus on the important parts of the business while reducing time and costs associated with website upkeep.


What happens when your website experiences technical issues or even worse, is the victim of an online hacker without your hosting company’s knowledge it ever occurred?  Outsourcing website management means that you have the ability to have technical issues eradicated by simply contacting your webmaster. You will not experience lengthy wait times on the telephone or multiple days passing before you hear any sign of relief.  With the proper package this is all included and will help you to remain worry and stress free.

Understanding Social Media Integration


Have you noticed how many big time businesses and fortune 500 companies are pushing Facebook and Twitter on their advertisements throughout all mediums including television ads? The power of social media is something businesses are investing in because it offers instant access to targeted customers.


Anytime you want to re-connect with customers, or run a special promotion you can publish the message across any social media network you wish and have it instantly displayed. Not only that, but if the users like the promotion or news, they will share it with all of their friends and connections meaning that’s instant marketing for you outside the scope of your reach.


A successful campaign means the amount of people who see your message can be extremely broad with continual sharing amongst each friend’s network of people. The big players are investing in this form of marketing and customer connection because it works!


If you haven’t at least considered integrating social media into your business or marketing mix, the time to do so is now. Properly managed social media networks can open up countless opportunities for growth and exposure.


Are you a new startup business, or finding it hard to get your name out there? This form of networking and exposure can be extremely beneficial for brand awareness. Facebook utilizes ad campaigns where you can showcase your ads on Facebook and target them to factors such as location, gender, current interests, and so much more making your ad campaigns extremely targeted.


If you are not familiar with social media, it can seem overwhelming. I provide this service to my clients to eliminate that stress. My clients benefit from being able to simply send an email or call with their message or ad campaign and I carry out every aspect after that. I can encompass this service within a website management plan, or develop a custom package based on your needs alone.


If you’re interested in finding out more about social media integration contact me today.