October, 2013

Ask a Dev: What Are the Advantages of Native and Hybrid Apps?



We’ve tackled the question of native apps vs. mobile websites, but comparing native and hybrid apps leads to a whole other discussion.

In our latest Ask a Dev video, iOS engineer Eric Miller explains the advantages of creating a completely native iOS application and creating a hybrid app.

He says native applications have the benefit of familiarity. Developers already know how to code for iOS and Android software development kits and can expect how they’ll function. Users are also already acquainted with these apps.

“They know the feel, flow and navigation and everything about the applications they already use on their native devices, and trying to reproduce that using hybrid is a little bit tricky,” he says. Read more…

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Groupon Redesigns Website for First Time in Five-Year History



Groupon is getting a facelift just in time for its fifth birthday

The daily deals service announced Friday that it has overhauled the look and functionality of its website for the first time since it launched in November 2008. The site, which has received the occasional tweak over the years, has now been rebuilt from the ground up with entirely new code, new search and browse options and perhaps most noticeably at first, a new color. Groupon green is out, replaced by a plain white background.

“The original site was designed for a deal of the day and the new site is designed for a marketplace,” Jeff Holden, Groupon’s SVP of product management, told Mashable in a recent interview. The web redesign has been in the works for about a year. Read more…

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6 Job Interview Questions and Answers to Avoid



The old adage of “think before you speak” is never truer than when you’re on a job interview. One unwitting slip-up could cost you your dream position, so it’s crucial to know what kinds of questions and answers will set off a red flag for your interviewer.

While a hiring manager has a responsibility to avoid illegal interview questions, there are certain things that you shouldn’t say as a candidate, either. Five career coaches weighed in on the most common questions and answers that interviewees should avoid at all costs.

Questions to avoid:

“What does your company do?”

Even if the job posting you read didn’t include much information about the company itself, this should be a fairly obvious question to avoid. Nothing puts a big red “X” on your résumé like not having done your research. If you’re coming in for a job interview, the hiring manager expects that you have a basic understanding of what the company does and who its clients are. Read more…

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