September, 2014

8 Vines That Show Off Upload and Editing Features



Last week, we challenged Mashable readers to use the features of Vine’s latest update to create unique six-second videos

We saw submissions that showed off the uploading capability, as well as the duplicating and editing tools. Some Vines even used multiple aspects of the update, resulting in cool compilation videos of special effects and all-natural shots.

Some of our favorites are featured, below. Scroll through them, and take a look at the other Vines submitted using the #LatestUpdate hashtag.

1. T2

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2. Desktop time travel

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‘The Voice’ Recap: A Budding Coachmance and A Week of Fierce Competition



After an exciting start last week, The Voice returned with another round of auditions this week, featuring two returning hopefuls, a total of five 4-chair turners and the show’s first blind singer

We also continued to witness the developing coachmance between Gwen and Pharrell, as well as appreciate Blake’s witty one-liners and the emotional roller coaster that is Adam Levine

As a group, the coaches were certainly more wary of turning their chairs too early, all waiting to hear the particular voice missing on their teams. Diversifying their teams was the goal.

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Space Time-Lapse Dazzles With Nature’s Light Shows



Although this time-lapse of Earth taken from space is only a minute long, it’s out of this world. (Sorry.)

Astronaut Alexander Gerst captured the footage from the International Space Station as he traveled 17,895 miles-per-hour above our tiny planet.

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