April, 2015

4D implant saves three babies with respiratory ailments



Three baby boys with life-threatening breathing problems are alive today thanks to a 4D biomaterial, a medical implant designed to change shape over time, that helped them keep breathing, researchers say.

“Today, we see a way to cure a disease that has been killing children for generations,” said Dr. Glenn Green, a pediatric otolaryngologist at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the senior author of a new report on the boys’ cases.

The researchers said that 4D biomaterials could one day help not only patients with respiratory ailments, but also those with disorders involving the heart, bones, muscles or gut. Read more…

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Grooveshark shuts down after major copyright-infringement lawsuits



Grooveshark is no more.

The controversial music streaming service announced Thursday it has ceased operations as part of a settlement with major record companies following a 2011 copyright-infringement lawsuit

In addition to shutting down, the company has also agreed to wipe away its stores of copyrighted works and hand over its website, apps, copyrights and patents to Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, according to statements from Grooveshark and the Recording Industry Association of America

“Despite the best of intentions, we made very serious mistakes,” Grooveshark said in the statement, now posted on the website’s homepage. “We failed to secure licenses from rights holders for the vast amount of music on the service. That was wrong. We apologize. Without reservation.” Read more…

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HoloLens Hands-On: How We Built An App For Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Headset

hololens_front Microsoft’s HoloLens is no joke. We’ve now tried the company’s latest revision of its unreleased augmented reality headset and even built an app for it. The new hardware, which Microsoft also showcased during its Build developer conference keynote yesterday, feels very solid and the user experience (mostly) delivers on the company’s promises. Read More