July, 2015

Breathtaking photos capture rare blue moon



Friday night’s blue moon wasn’t blue, but its grandeur still prompted many to look up to the night sky in awe. People from all over the world gawked at the lunar rarity

A blue moon is when two full moons rise in one month and on Friday night, we saw the second full moon of July. We don’t often get two full moons in one month. In fact, the next double feature won’t be until 2018. The last was in 2012

For breathtaking photos of the blue moon from New Jersey to Brazil, keep scrolling.

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July’s #MashPics show how our community is surviving summer



At the end of each month, we round up our favorite photos from the rapidly growing #MashPics collection

Your July Instagram pics featured the most beautiful outdoor weddings, day trips to the shore, cold treats and all of the other things that make summertime so great

It’s always awesome to see what our global audience is up to, and there’s no better way to share moments than in photos. From epic nature walks and extreme summer sports to delicious home cooking, we’ve seen it all. Scroll through the featured images below. Read more…

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Face first is the best way to smash a skydiving world record



A group of 164 talented skydivers from Spain, Australia and the U.S. smashed the vertical skydiving formation world record set by a 138-person team in 2012. We can only imagine the sense of elation these skydivers had upon completion.

It’s probably just the same as zooming in really fast on Google Earth surrounded by a bunch of friends. Probably.

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