January, 2016

Twitter helps Delhi Police locate lost Alzheimer patient’s family



India’s police forces are discovering the power of social media. On Sunday, Delhi Police organised a unique rescue when they were able to reunite a lost Alzheimer patient with her family in just a few hours, with the help of Twitter.

After a police van found 80-year-old Kamla Gupta in north Delhi, the city’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Madhur Verma tweeted her details. Gupta, an Alzheimer’s patient, had lost her way after visiting a temple in the morning. She was unable to remember her address even after she was taken to the police station. Read more…

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Democrats’ closing pitches in Iowa: ‘Hard choices’ vs. ‘Revolution’



DES MOINES, Iowa — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders came full circle with their closing arguments before the Iowa caucuses, the former emphasizing “Hard choices” and the latter touting “Political revolution.”

The two returned to the core initial messages of their candidacies as they made their final pitches to voters in what’s turned into a nail-biter of a race in the early-voting state. Clinton reprised the title of her memoir “Hard Choices” to argue that she’s the battle-tested candidate who can move liberal priorities forward and protect the country. Sanders called for upending the status quo. Read more…

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Uber Takes Its Alipay Partnership Global To Tap Into Chinese Travelers

uber china Uber is hoping to squeeze more money from users in China after it announced a tie-in with Alibaba’s Alipay that will enable Uber China customers to pay their bill using the payments service when they are overseas. Read More