July, 2016

Lumo Run’s new jogging sensor launches today – here’s how it stacks up

FullSizeRender (12) TechCrunch first caught wind of Lumo’s smart pants with the running sensor last October. It was a breakout product from its posture trainer Lumo Lift and a first step into both connected garments and the running industry. You can check out our video review with Lumo co-founder Monisha Perkash here. Lumo’s pants needed the sensor to go in a special pocket to work when we last caught… Read More

Should trading in online gaming be considered gambling?


Online gaming is growing at an explosive pace globally, but it may soon find itself in the sights of regulators.

Some elements of popular games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) have drawn the attention of anti-gambling campaigners. In Australia, independent Senator Nick Xenophon believes such games act as a gateway to serious online gambling problems for children, leading them to spend thousands of dollars on in-game items.

In an interview with Fairfax, Xenophon described titles such as CS:GO and Dota 2 as “the Wild West of online gambling,” and flagged potential new rules including age requirements, clear warning of gambling content and preventing games from asking for payment for items that vary according to chance.  Read more…

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The fast food cake made from pizza and burgers is heaven and hell all at once


If you’ve always fantasised about those feasts on YouTube’s EpicMealTime, making this birthday cake is something you’ll aspire to.

Feast your eyes on this truly abominable fast food cake, a dreamy creation put together by Milton Lai from Sydney, Australia. Well, it’s dreamy until after you eat it.

The cake begins with the rock solid foundation of deep pan Domino’s pizza, then McDonald’s chicken nuggets are added on — “it must kiss the crust edge for the best effect,” Lai writes. 

It’s dusted with bed of McDonald’s fries, then another pizza is thrown on. Then six McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Oh and don’t forget another pizza, this time with a thin crust, is added on.  Read more…

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