November, 2017

Cheap gift ideas for under $10 (that people will actually like)


When it comes to Secret Santa or gift exchanges with a price limit, it’s sometimes hard to find a genuinely good gift that’s cheap and useful. Sure, you can find something under the limit pretty quickly, but does the recipient really need a pair of socks with taco cats on them?

Check out our list of gift items under $10 that are sure to be a hit.

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9 of the best fitness trackers because there are literally too many to choose


Exercise, am I right? Whether you’re reading this because you genuinely love working out or because Instagram models and your love for pizza force you to exercise, one thing’s for sure: A fitness tracker that fits your needs is a necessity.

One problem: The wearable fitness market grows by the month. No longer are hardcore athletes the only ones keeping up with their calories and mileage — these babies continue to take over the lives of us regular folk more and more by the year.

And with this surge to the everyday consumer, it seems like not a day goes by without a new wearable fitness tracker hitting the market. Oh, there’s a new Fitbit (again)? There’s a fancy ring that tracks your steps and calories? Because of course, why wouldn’t there be?  Read more…

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Which robot vacuum should you get? This guide can help you figure it out.


Robot vacuums are the hot item this season and though they could obviously make your life 100 times easier, there’s a hard part to the process: picking the right one.

With so many brands, features, and app capabilities out there, deciding which vacuum you’re going to drop a hefty load of cash on can be overwhelming. No worries. We hate cleaning just as much as you do and have laid out a simple, comprehensive list of all your best options, sorted by price. Read more…

ROBOT VACUUMS: $100-$300

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Image: Housesmile

The Good


The Bad

No room-scanning tech or app

The Bottom Line

If you want a robot vacuum and don’t care about the fancy stuff, this is a great bare-bones choice.

1. Housesmile Robotic Vaccum

If you don’t need the fancy stuff like an app or room-scanning tech, this high-rated device is probably your best bet.

  • Price:
At the cheapest end of the spectrum you’ll find this option from Housmile, which received 5 out of 5 stars by 85% of its reviewers on Amazon. Unlike other vacuums that require a docking station, this one has a simple charging cord, and one charging session can give it enough juice for 30 minutes of vacuuming. What you sacrifice at a cheaper price point are things like room scanning technology and a mobile app, but for someone who isn’t that much of a techie but wants to get in on the robot vacuum hype, this is a good option. (And it makes a great gift for grandma.) Get it for $103.99 here.

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