Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg really meant by being ‘understood’

Here's what Mark Zuckerberg really meant by being 'understood'

The gloves are off. 

Mark Zuckerberg says he knows his positions are likely to “piss off a lot of people.”

Two days after a company earnings call in which he stated that his goal for the next decade “isn’t to be liked, but to be understood,” the Facebook CEO attempted to explain just what he meant. 

Speaking at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, an annual conference in Utah, Zuckerberg railed against censorship, saying he “feels like the list of things you are not allowed to say socially keeps on growing.”

Zuckerberg’s comments are the latest sign that the embattled CEO, who is currently facing an antitrust investigation into his company, plans to change his tone in how he deals with critics. Read more…

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