April, 2020

Mandy Moore showed off some extremely ’90s memorabilia from her early career

Mandy Moore showed off some extremely '90s memorabilia from her early career

A pandemic isn’t the ideal time to release your first new album in a decade. Fortunately, Mandy Moore is using the time she would have been on tour to dig up some memorabilia from her early career.

Moore showed off her finds to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, which included an extremely ’90s photo with the Backstreet Boys and an unauthorised Mandy Moore book.

“It’s an actual book that was for sale for $12.95 that someone wrote without me knowing about it,” said Moore. “But it has lots of fun facts. Like, this page here is ’10 Things We Love About Mandy,’ and the very first fact is ‘Mandy is proud of her big feet.'”  Read more…

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‘Failed to provide any leadership’: Seth Meyers examines how Trump left U.S. states on their own

'Failed to provide any leadership': Seth Meyers examines how Trump left U.S. states on their own

The coronavirus pandemic has the U.S. is in shambles right now, but what else is new? Trump has continued to Trump throughout the crisis, stubbornly blustering on with his ill-informed ideas in defiance of all medical advice or logic. Now BuzzFeed News reports a man with no background in medical supplies was awarded a $69 million ventilator contract after tweeting at Trump that he could provide them. Shockingly, not a single one has arrived.

“There’s literally a law that allows him to compel companies to make ventilators, and he’s combing through his Twitter replies like he’s putting a band together,” quipped Late Night host Seth Meyers on Thursday. “Honestly, how long until he replies to a spam email offering free boner pills?” Read more…

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The best dumbbell sets for working out at home

The best dumbbell sets for working out at home

Working from home can have a massive impact on your health and fitness, especially when it disrupts your normal routine. 

Gone are the days of nipping to the gym on your lunch break or squeezing in a class before your last train home. Your fitness can start to spiral without a regular workout plan, and it can be difficult to recover. It’s not impossible, though.

You can fully commit to working out from home if you have the right equipment and plenty of motivation. You really haven’t got any excuses any more, because you can purchase everything from treadmills to ellipticals online. Motivation is a little more tricky, but surrounding yourself with quality fitness gear may provide a push to get started. Read more…

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York Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber coated ends provide durability and protection, and stop your weights from rolling away.

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MultiWare Adjustable Dumbbell Set

These dumbbells can be converted into a barbell, meaning you can effectively train your whole body with one set.

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Sportstech 2-in-1 Dumbbell Set

This practical dumbbell set is the ideal partner for weight training in the comfort of your own home.

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Mirafit Dumbbell Weight Set

Neoprene weights are suitable for a wide range of exercises.

£44.99 from Amazon

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Men's Health Rubber Dumbbell Set

Knurled bar provides a secure and comfortable grip for when you need it most.

£59.99 from Argos

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Opti Vinyl Dumbbell Set

Strengthen and tone your whole body with this cheap set of dumbbells.

£24.99 from Argos