How you’ll know the COVID-19 vaccines are safe

How you'll know the COVID-19 vaccines are safe

There’s an excellent reason why you’ve never seen someone suffering the ills of smallpox, with hard, scabbing pustules forming on their body “like peas under the skin.” It’s the same reason polio, a crippling disease, no longer exists in the U.S. 

Safe and effective vaccines curbed these terrible diseases and, in the case of smallpox, globally eradicated the deadly pathogen. Vaccines continue to be critically important and trustworthy weapons for taming disease. In recent decades, dozens of vaccines approved in the U.S. have proven “remarkably safe.”

The forthcoming vaccines for COVID-19, even though they’ve been developed in record time, will meet similar standards for safety and effectiveness, according to infectious disease experts, immunologists, and bioethicists who spoke with Mashable. Yes, there’ll be well-promoted attempts to spread misinformation and sow doubt about the new COVID-19 vaccines. But if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration begins approving vaccines, which appears likely, the public should know the drugs have been rigorously tested and scrutinized for safety and efficacy. Read more…

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