Written by Sylvan Lane

What $1 Used to Get You vs. What It Buys You Today



In 1810, you could buy three gallons of whiskey for just a dollar. Today that will get you a shot from a bottle you bought yourself. Inflation sucks, right?

While you can get a snack or download an app for a buck, one dollar used to go a lot further — we’re talking 10 cans of soup, an ounce of silver, four pounds of sirloin steak and two pounds of coffee

Check out what 100 cents used to be worth and mourn how little a dollar gets you now


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What Would Happen to the Internet Without Net Neutrality?



Simply put, net neutrality is the idea that all Internet traffic is created equal, and all users should be able to access it as quickly as possible. If the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t establish a new set of rules to ensure this, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be able to charge customers different prices for different traffic speeds.

But what would that mean for you? SumoCoupon looked into how that would change the way we go online, and how the FCC’s proposed laws could help keep the Internet neutral.

The FCC’s proposals focus on making sure ISPs are transparent about how they handle traffic, and that they don’t block any legal content or favor certain types of traffic over others. Without these principals in place, the Internet could be a very different and expensive place. Read more…

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The History of U.S. Immigration Policy Explained in 2 Minutes



House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) suggested in Sept. 2014 that Congress might work on immigration reform the following year — if President Barack Obama enforced current laws and didn’t act on it unilaterally.

There’s just one thing: Boehner and the Republican Party have made that same statement before, but neither the GOP nor Democrats are any closer to finding a solution to the United States’ immigration issues

Democrats and Republicans generally agree that the American immigration system is in dire need of repair. There are more than 11.7 million undocumented immigrants in the country today — roughly equal to the populations of New York City, Chicago and Detroit combined — while there aren’t nearly enough visas for highly skilled immigrants to meet the demand. Read more…

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