Written by Vignesh Ramachandran

High-Tech Blocks Help Battle Brainstorming Slumps



If sticky notes, whiteboards and yellow legal pads just aren’t inspiring your team brainstorming sessions anymore, it’s time to break out some toys.

The folks at Smart Design’s Smart Interaction Lab designed toy-like TOTEM blocks that can help teams improve idea-generating sessions, as explained in the video above. The creators presented these brainstorming tools at Barcelona’s first Maker Faire.


The three unique blocks — Batón, Echo and Alterego — all have different functions ina team meeting

The “Batón” is passed around like a talking stick, so whoever is holding it is allowed to speak. The gadget will vibrate when it’s time to pass it to the next person. This should help those colleagues who are too shy to speak up and sets a time limit for those who are more chatty. Read more…

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Doctor Wearing Google Glass Live Streams Surgery



A surgeon in Ohio wearing Google Glass live streamed a knee surgery to remote colleagues, demonstrating how the medical world can use wearable technology like Glass.

Dr. Christopher Kaeding, a surgeon at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, was performing a surgery on a 47-year-old patient’s injured knee ligament, during this milestone event. Kaeding wore Google Glass during the surgery to show his live point-of-view to people miles away, according to the university statement.


Kaeding’s Ohio State colleagues and several medical students watched the surgery on video from different locations in Columbus, Ohio. Read more…

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How an App That Tracks Circulation, Metabolism Helps Your Body



As a kid, Ryan Archdeacon asked his parents for a microscope so he could analyze sewer samples and bits of dental plaque. Now Archdeacon is building a lifestyle app he hopes will help people better connect with their bodies.

The One Aura app (free on iOS) pairs with compatible biosensors to give real-time data about your body’s metabolism and circulation. Users just have to wear one of the seven approved Bluetooth-connected biosensors (listed in the iTunes app description). The app will show live metrics in clean data visualizations.


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