BioWare’s intense new ‘Anthem’ trailer finally dishes on story details


Initial hype for BioWare’s answer to Destiny, the upcoming online multiplayer Anthem, was pretty tepid. It looked like every other cookie cutter never-ending co-op shooty game, a genre quickly becoming oversaturated.

But now the newly released 2018 Game Awards trailer has revealed more about Anthem‘s story. And it’s clear the studio behind Mass Effect is distinguishing its game by focusing on what they do best: telling engaging narratives.

Most notably, the trailer revealed the game’s main villain, the Monitor.

Giving off very Darth Vader meets Thanos vibes, the Monitor believes he can harness the chaotic power of the mysterious Anthem force — for good, he claims. But ending the needless suffering of the world will require authoritarian control. Read more…

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What you’ll actually do when you’re playing BioWare’s ‘Anthem’


Anthem feels like an easy game to categorize: It’s BioWare’s take on Destiny

That’s how it’s been viewed since the initial announcement at Electronic Arts’ E3 2017 showcaseAnthem‘s subsequent appearance at E3 2018 only reinforced that thinking. But when you pause to really interrogate the idea — BioWare’s take on Destiny — a simple question surfaces.

What does that actually mean?

“What we really wanted to get to with Anthem was a platform where we could deliver experiences more easily, for a longer period of time,” executive producer Mark Darrah said during an E3 interview.  Read more…

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‘Anthem’ is BioWare’s whole new world at E3 2018


Anthem is a smorgasbord of water cooler moments. At least, that’s how I felt when we were invited to BioWare Edmonton to spend a day with the development team, learning as much as we could about Anthem. I’ll be honest, I know pieces of what Anthem is going to become when it’s finally finished and released on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. But like everyone outside of BioWare, the whole that all those parts amount to is still something of a mystery.

But here’s what I knowAnthem is an incredible buffet of stuff you know and love from the past decades of games and movies, realized in this cryptic, shared-world shooter. It’s part Iron Man, I thought, as I jetted around and barrel-rolled in a super-powered rig with the kind of locomotion that would make Insomniac Games (Sunset Overdrive, Marvel’s Spider-Man) give a knowing nod of approval. It’s part Halo — a science-fantasy story about “the Gods” who started the planet and disappeared, leaving their mystifying and errant construction tools lying around to the welfare and woe of the inhabitants. Read more…

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