The best services to back up your iPhone

The best services to back up your iPhone

People don’t think much about backing up the data on their phone until they lose it all. 

It happened to me just a few weeks ago. My nearly 5-year-old iPhone 6S died. The phone was going slow, so I restarted it and got caught on the never-ending white Apple logo. I had no intention of upgrading. The iPhone 6S was a perfect phone —the last iPhone with a headphone jack and that sweet $200 subsidy pricing.

Unfortunately, because the phone was so old, the battery wasn’t the greatest, which meant I was constantly using low power mode. This means my phone wasn’t always backing up. And while I did semi-regularly take off all those adorable pictures of my two children, there was still a chunk of data lost with the death of my iPhone. Read more…

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Apple’s iPhone 12 still scheduled for a fall launch, report says

Apple's iPhone 12 still scheduled for a fall launch, report says

Apple still plans to launch new iPhones in the fall, in line with its typical yearly schedule, a new report from Bloomberg claims. This is despite the coronavirus outbreak which has slowed down manufacturing across the globe and forced Apple to temporarily shut down all its retail stores outside of China. 

Citing people familiar with the matter, the report says that the next iPhone — likely equipped with 5G and called iPhone 12 — is on schedule to launch in the fall, since mass production isn’t starting until the summer. 

This is partly in contrast with a recent report from Nikkei, which claimed that Apple is considering delaying the launch by “months,” partly due to supply chain constraints, and partly due to the possibility of sales being slow. Nikkei’s report did, however, note that it’s still early and that Apple’s plans may change before the launch. A recent Reuters report said Apple has postponed the production ramp-up for the new 5G phones, but also said that it’s “possible” these phones might launch in the fall.  Read more…

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I slept without my phone for a week, and now I want a new alarm clock

I slept without my phone for a week, and now I want a new alarm clock

Having trouble sleeping? Hit Snooze is Mashable’s deep dive into the many ways to achieve a more peaceful slumber.

Recently, I’ve had to adjust to sleeping alone.

I’ve slept with the same companion for as long as I can remember, but lately I’ve been thinking that some time apart might be healthy. After years of sleeping no more than two feet away from this companion every night, I took the terrifying initiative to put some physical space between us. It wasn’t easy, but it turned out to be a valuable learning experience.

To be clear, I’m not talking about distancing myself from another human being. The companion I decided to part ways with at night is my phone. Read more…

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