‘Punisher’ deserves so much better than where Season 2 leaves him


In a sea of heroic do-gooders, Punisher was a welcome arrival onto the Marvel scene.

While certainly nowhere near as evocative and poignant as Jessica Jones Season 1, his 2017 solo introduction into the Netflix-Marvel pantheon showed promise. The moral complexity of his character added some much-needed shades of grey to the usual black-and-white good guy superheroes versus bad guys. 

With the talented Jon Bernthal playing the trigger-happy ex-marine, Punisher Season 1 asked audiences to consider uncomfortable questions about the cost of a greater good, war, trauma, government corruption, and gun violence. Read more…

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Spider-Man’s European vacation gets cut short in ‘Far From Home’ trailer

Even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man needs a vacation. Between all of the mild-mannered studenting and Avenger-style world saving (not mention what transpired during Infinity War), Peter Parker could clearly use a break.

The first trailer for July’s Far From Home finds Parker going Griswold, for a little European vacation, sans-suit (and Lindsey Buckingham soundtrack). But a surprise visit from Howling Commando Nick Fury, naturally, turns things on their head [implied record scratch sound effect].

This time, Spider-Man does battle with a suitably emo Jake Jake Gyllenhaal as the globe-headed Mysterio, with help from some new suits — including what appears to be an homage to Steve Ditko’s original underarm webbing.

Far From Home has a tough act to follow after the absurdly wonderful Spider-Verse — not to mention some explaining to do following the events of the last Avengers. Though we should be up to speed by the time it rolls around. Endgame is due out in April, with the new Spider-Man arriving on July 5.

‘Captain Marvel’ has highest first day ticket sales of any Marvel movie — except for one


Captain Marvel, the hero poised to save our Avengers post-Infinity War, is already proving herself one of the strongest Avengers with a first-day pre-sale record on Atom tickets. In its first 24 hours of ticket sales, Captain Marvel beat out Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and even Black Panther‘s established sales records. 

According to a press release from Atom tickets, Avengers: Infinity War is still the top film in first-day ticket pre-sales (On Fandango, Black Panther also has it beat). But Captain Marvel could be on track to nab that top spot with almost two months left until its release (Infinity War tickets were only available for pre-sale for 42 days).  Read more…

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