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7 of the best Squarespace templates for your blog

7 of the best Squarespace templates for your blog

There’s a good reason why Squarespace is an incredibly popular web building and hosting service: it allows people to build beautiful websites relatively easily and affordably, thanks largely to its drag-and-drop page builders and templates. 

While Squarespace might offer less flexibility for experienced coders than other website builders like WordPress, it is user friendly, even if you have zero coding experience. That’s largely because it offers around 100 different and customisable templates. These templates act as “rough draft” designs for you to build the website you want, determining how your site looks and how it works. Read more…

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With a modern, asymmetrical design, this template is a great all-around choice for bloggers.

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With a clean and fresh feel, this template is great if you want flexibility and multiple sidebars.

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With easy social media integration and location display, this clean, scrolling page template is a natural choice for travel bloggers.

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If your blog includes lots of stunning photography, this mosaic-style template is a great way to display it.

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With a big banner image, text on the homepage, and recent posts featured below, this template is a solid choice for food bloggers.

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With a long, scrolling homepage, this template allows you to weave blog posts with banner photographs to create a visually-appealing website.

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Not only is this a clean and streamlined magazine-style template, but it’s also great if you have multiple writers contributing to the blog.

This robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet owners

This robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet owners

TL;DR: The Coredy robot vacuum cleaner is on sale for £151.99 on Amazon, saving you 28% on list price.

Pets are special little friends who fill your life with love and joy, but it’s not all good. We know that fluff is part of their charm, but the stuff gets absolutely everywhere.

Fortunately there are devices out there that can handle all that pet hair, without you having to lift a finger. Robot vacuum cleaners do all of the hard work for you, with features designed to remove pet hair from areas you can’t see. 

The Coredy robot vacuum cleaner is one of your best options when it comes to fluff. This popular device comes with a patented, tangle-free, roll brush that easily picks up pet hair and dander from carpets, hard floors, and under sofas. It’s also on sale right now. Read more…

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All the best deals from Bose’s summer sale

All the best deals from Bose's summer sale

TL;DR: Save on headphones, speakers, sound systems, and more in the Bose summer sale. 

We know you probably have more important things going on right now, but the world of consumer technology is continuing to spin, and that means sales.

The latest brand to drop the discounts is Bose, which is great news for all the audiophiles out there. Bose is regarded as one of the biggest and best brands for high quality headphones, speakers, and sound systems, and all of that’s on offer in its summer sale.

We’ll let you check out everything that’s on offer, but we should point out a couple of standout deals from the selection. You can pick up QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II for £249.95, SoundSport Free wireless headphones for £159.95, and SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers for £89.95. Read more…

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