Dog attempts to reclaim its bed from stubborn cat, and fails


Everyone knows cats are infamous for their devil-may-care persona, and this feline is no exception.

After taking the dog’s nighttime sleeping spot, this orange fur ball had no intention of moving over for the desperate dachshund who just wanted its comfy spot back. Try as it might, the little pup adorably fails at getting back its bed.

Move your feet, lose your seat. Read more…

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11 DIY videos that absolutely no one asked for


DIY videos have saved our lives on more than one occasion, and sure, some of the hacks that surface are really cool and useful. But, some content creators have taken the trend a little too far. 

We’re talking about those videos where someone decides to DIY or “hack” something that no one really wants or needs, and ends up making the process 19 billion steps long.

1. 1,4000 to make a ring made of denim

One of the biggest problems facing the world today is the utter lack of rings made out of jeans. Thanks to YouTuber jedrek29t, that is no longer an issue. Unfortunately, unless you have an array of power tools, you’re just out of luck. Even if you were dying for a ring made out of jeans, there must be an easier way to do it than this. Read more…

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This raccoon influencer says they actually make good pets (but maybe stick to dogs)


Herbert Hoover wasn’t the only one who thought raccoons make great pets

Most people think of raccoons as devilish, garbage-eating jumbo-rodents. Or, one may think of popular animated characters like Meeko, Pocahontas’ cunning sidekick. Either way, it’s unlikely to imagine them playing fetch or eating marshmallows out of your hand. 

But that’s not stopping some daring animal lovers from welcoming raccoons into their homes. 

There are a host of reasons why raccoons should remain in the wild and not at the foot of your bed. According to Bill Dowd, founder of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, there are many dangers that come with owning a raccoon. Since they become sexually active at just six months, they become aggressive early in their lives. Not to mention the unpracticality their rarity affords them; some vets won’t treat raccoons, and finding someone to babysit your odd pet if you take a vacation may be difficult.  Read more…

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